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Berlin-based filmmaker from Norway. 
Director, assistant director, writer, list-m
aker and listener.

BA in Film from University of Reading, UK. 

- I make films about the inner lives of people in
collision with societal norms and expectations - 

Main account @sofielion 
Analog photography @sbllomography

Shortfilm project @lotterleben_film




Assistant director

"End of the World" music video for Kings & Pills, by Ebba Olofsson and Miklós Molnár



"Dødsangst" short film script, in development. 

Director, producer, camera, editor

"Five Seasons of Rain"

a poetry video series

created with Philine Köln

Assistant director

"CAREFUL" by Camille Lagaisse,

production by Carousel Films

Assistant director

"Dreams" by Magnus Østermann

Director / producer

"Yes/No" (Working title)

Short film production by

Løvereide Productions and

Dochka Films

(in post-production)


Assistant director

"Caregiving" by Marion Henkelmann

short film production by

Green Bird Stories

Director / producer / camera

"Svettas Glitter" Music Video

Song by Sara Adam

Director / producer

"Lotterleben" with Elisa Heinß

Short film production by

Løvereide Productions

Production Assistant

Kolumbus commercial 

Production by Willy Nikkers

Stavanger, Norway



of the International Portrait Film Festival

Director / producer / camera / editor

"Dead by 3" Music video

Song by LaLaguna

Sound recordist 

"Anamorphosis" by Tamara Deni

Podcast editor

"Gi Deg En Sjanse Podcast" by Rebekka Irene Skjæveland. 


Director / editor 

"MM" "MMM" "MMMM" 

a miniseries by Sofie Løvereide and

Rebekka Torgersen


Citröen commercial

Production by Tangrystan

Stavanger, Norway

Director / Editor

"22 Falafel Pita" short film by Sofie Løvereide, Rebekka Torgersen and Frida Feline. Winner of the 48h film race run by Filmkraft Talent. 


2nd Assistant Director

"Apocalpyse Norway" by Jakob Rørvik.

Short film production by Ape&Bjørn and GOfilm. 



Coordinator Trainee / Extras manager

"MANA" by Eirik Forus

Feature film production by Hæfa.  

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