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With the loud and rough streets of Berlin as her place of work, Lotte has found a way to protect what is most precious to her, in the sanctuary that is her home. Constantly moving, falling into the rhythm of the city, she finds ways to connect to what she left behind for safekeeping.



Produced by

Sofie B. Løvereide and Elisa Heinß

Directed by

Sofie B. Løvereide

Script by

Elisa Heinß

Director of Photography

Eyad Al Shaar

Project Manager

Xenia Wolfgramm


Elisabeth Røvær

Sound design and music by

Frida Feline

Color grade by

Pål Berg Mortensen


Marie Steiniger

Kim-Lena Lehecka

Sofìa Letier

Financially supported through crowdfunding

and a stipend from Filmkraft Talent

Finished August 2022

Instagram: @lotterleben_film


Thrilling Impressions: IPFF 2022

Official Selection: Metropolis Film Festival 2022

GRRL HAUS Cinema selected 2023

Lotterleben still 6.png
Lotterleben still 2.png
Lotterleben still 3_edited.jpg
Lotterleben still 7.png
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