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UK for dummies

2016 year 1 production

UK For Dummies was the final film assignment for the first year of university. My main roles were sound editing and grip, but the group as a whole developed the idea. Click the picture to watch the film. 

2016 year 2 production


Foxglove was made entirely by myself and Sherie McCormick, both taking part in all production roles. It was the product of an assignment on composition, and so the short film's story is intentionally ambiguous. Click the picture to watch the film. 

2018 year 3 production

Just Us is my final practical project and this is the version I have made for the university at 11 minutes.  I wrote the script, directed and edited the film myself. 

Year 3 Videographic Criticism

For Videographic Criticism I have made these videos on Blue Is the Warmest Colour, following different briefs. Each picture leads to a different video.

Pecha Kucha project


alternative trailer

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 14.25.00.png

Final Video Essay project

year 3 Promo video

Reading Haydn Choir

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 15.02.47.png

This promotional video was produced as a commission project for the Reading Haydn Choir. In the group of six, I was on the master camera, and the main editor. 

year 2 Promo video

fictional company promopop

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 15.01.20.png

This promo was made as part of a contest to create a business idea and promote it to a jury. My main role was editor on this video project. 

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